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Music Lessons in San Mateo

Welcome to Peninsula branch of Trio School. Let us share with you what a great Japanese violin teacher, Shinichi Suzuki, said about music education. Suzuki believed that the lessons learned from music translate into life: “Teaching music is not my main purpose. I want to make good citizens. If children hear fine music from the day of their birth and learn to play it, they develop sensitivity, discipline and endurance. They get a beautiful heart.”
At Trio School, we meet our students …before their birth. Yes, before birth, as we teach expectant couples how to accompany their lullabies on a piano. They learn together with their unborn yet babies the basics of music and language. At the age of 1.5-2, the little ones come for preschool music lessons, and at the age of 3, they enroll in piano class together with one of parents.
We teach music to high school students, software engineers and seniors, and all of them feel its beauty and necessity. “Beauty will rescue the world,” said Dostoevsky, and we try to prove every day that he was right.
An attitude of perseverance is a must when you begin to play any instrument or learn singing. Playing piano, guitar, violin. etc., is all about overcoming challenges. Music lessons are life lessons, as children learn through them how to navigate challenges. We desire that parents take the initiative in the beginning of music education. Parents should relish in the opportunity to be good assistants in their children’s music education. The advantages of music education are endless. It has been proven that children that study music do better with all other forms of education. Musicians’ brains develop extra neural pathways, especially if music is introduced at a young age. Studies have also indicated that musical training helps provide a positive stimulus to the parts of the brain involved in processing language and reasoning. By going through the various stages of learning music, students also learn commitment and the value of accomplishing tasks they set out to complete.You will learn much more if you take time to read our other websites:
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Our talented, well educated and well experienced teachers use a great variety of method books and allow our students to borrow them from our rich library. Our teachers challenge and nurture the students, teaching them how to strive for success and stay committed. In class, the students use a baby grand piano; at home, they are required to have a more suitable instrument than a 61 or 76-key keyboard with light keys. We persuade the parents to go for an upright piano or a digital 88-weighted-key piano after 3 weeks of study. We provide our keyboards for the first three weeks free of charge. We offer private 45-minute lessons at $49, shared lessons, small group lessons, and a 10-lesson package. We all are warm, kind and firm teachers.

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The head of our Guitar Department, Arina Burceva, holds Master and Bachelor of Music degrees from San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She has been performing in US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and countries of Central America since 2009. She has studied music (violin, piano, and guitar) since the age of six. In 90s, Arina was a student of a music college in Belarus, where she became a winner of two republic classical guitar competitions. Arina won the first prize at Shubert Club competition in Minnesota in 2003, immediately after her arrival to America. She has chosen San Francisco Conservatory of Music to enter, and she’s studied for six years on a scholarship. Such renowned professors as Sergio Assad, Dushan Bogdanovich, and David Tannenbaum helped her become an accomplished musician.Read More

Prenatal and Preschool Music

This program is designed in order to enhance prenatal learning through specific pregnancy exercises and special prenatal music. Future fathers get actively involved in the pregnancy, and they learn such new skills as playing simple simple songs (mostly lullabies) on the tuned bells and piano and singing. Future Moms and Fathers get bonded well when learning together with their unborn babies. In preschool music and movement class toddlers develop listening skills, learn different rhythmic patterns and melodies. They play short melodies on xylophones, drums, maracas triangles, mini keyboards.They learn how to perform in public and participate in our recitals.
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Violin and Viola

Our violin and viola teacher earned her Master of Music degree at the University of SouthernFeel-The-Music-Violin California under the tutelage of Kathleen Winkler.Post-graduation, she joined the Stockton Symphony. A passionate orchestral musician, she had played under the baton of numerous influential conductors, including James Conlon, Joseph Silverstein, and Leonard Slatkin. She is as committed to teaching as she is to performing, and she has already worked.All string instruments share similar form, parts, construction, and function, and the viols bear a particularly close resemblance to the violin family. However, instruments in the violin family are set apart from viols by similarities in shape, in tuning practice, and in history.
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Our two teachers of vocal are accomplished musicians with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in voice. One of them is a choirmaster and an opera singer. Her mother tongue is Russian, and she sung at Bolshoi Theater not long time ago!  Our second voice instructor, who is native speaker of Spanish, began singing professionally at the age of eight as a boy soprano in the Ragazzi Boys Chorus, whose member he’s been for ten years. He performed with the ensemble domestically and abroad (in Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand and British Columbia). He got a bachelor’s degree from Notre Dame de Namur University. Both instructors are as committed to teaching as they are to performing.
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Russian Children’s Choir

Дорогие родители! Хор всегда являлся неотъемлемой частью славянской музыкальной культуры. Cреди наших педагогов есть русская преподавательница по классу хора, которая также является оперной певицей. Другая учительница имеет некоторое образование в области вокала и использует пение на своих уроках по классу фортепиано. Mы увлечены идеей научить наших ребят прaвильному использованию голоса и воздуха, фразировке и т.д. Они будут развивать свои навыки на материале детских песен из мультфильмов, детских кинофильмов, песен бардов ( страшая группа), а также славянских народных песен.
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Benifits of Learning Music at Our School

Music is the universal language. The great composers of the world have had an enormous impact on all of our lives. Their work continues to inspire people all of the world, filling its listeners with joy, wonder, sadness, passion – every emotion conjured up by the compositions of a hard-working artists, who understood the importance of both love and discipline in music. Music is not simply an after-school hobby, but a rewarding art form that can remain with students throughout their lives.

At Trio School, we educate, challenge and nurture our students; we help them acquire needed skills and techniques for practicing music. We encourage them to participate in the recitals every three months, and we instill in them the respect for their audiences. Many of them also enroll in Math lessons and Chess lessons because there is a strong connection between music and those subjects.

What people say about us

Challenging the student beyond his comfort zone

At the time of writing this review, I’ve been learning from Larysa Yost for 4 months. As a 24 year-old man with very little prior experience with music, I did not quite have the mouldable mind that Larysa is used to deal with, as she teaches lots of children. That is why, I had some doubts before my first lesson, but I signed up immediately after getting it.
Larysa is very different from other teachers, and I’ve never gone back for a second lesson with any of the teachers I’ve got a trial lesson with. She is candid, very blunt and honest. She is also different from the others because she doesn’t follow any one particular method book. Instead, depending on the capability of the student, she picks different pieces from a variety of sources, which challenge the student beyond his existing comfort zone. Teaching one piece takes a while, but in the process the student grows quite significantly. In my case, she gave me Schubert’s Ave Maria a month after I had started to learn from her. It took about 3-4 hours of teaching over about 2 months before I was able to play the whole song. In that process, however, pieces that used to seem difficult to me to play had become much easier to understand. Additionally, she has repeatedly emphasized not just technical correctness of playing, but also the artistic aspects of it. During this time, along with the one difficult piece, she had me work on easier pieces to improve my confidence, as well as to build my repertoire. I’m glad to have her as my teacher, and would gladly recommend her to anyone I know.

-Meher Anand Hasam


Becoming Arina’s student was the best thing that I ever did for my guitar playing

In addition to being a brilliant guitarist and composer, Arina is blessed with an uncommon measure of patience. She takes great pains to resolve playing issues that a student might have. It is very clear that she very much enjoys teaching and working with students. Becoming Arina’s student was the best thing that I ever did for my guitar playing; my playing has greatly improved, and progress is much faster and systematic. I am quite certain that I could not find a better teacher anywhere, and I recommend her to students of all levels and ages.

-Charles Ortiz